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Nespresso vs. Tassimo

Speedy Brewing Time

By speedy, the tassimo brewbot simply means that your hot drink before the minute hand strikes. You may be curious how the brewing time has been reduced to sixty seconds only. There is but nothing to worry about for you get the bestselling beverage quality that quick. The unit employs superb heating and brewing elements such as the distinct heating coils that heat up the water molecules instantly. No wonder, you need not wait some more minutes only to get a share of your favourite coffee.

Easy To Use Operation

Another excellent thing concerning the Tassimo brewbot is the standard brewing operation. The truth is, you don’t need to deal with many different buttons. It only bears the multi-functional power button that performs all the needed control functions thoroughly. The button can be used of to add more water into your cup by giving it a long press when the brewing activity is over. In the same way, it can trigger the auto-brewing process when you hit the button after the green auto-light had flashed. And also you can do more brewing functions using this button along with reliable Tassimo auto-lights.

Multiple Blends

Contrary to common brewers available at any shop, the Tassimo brewbot is extraordinary. And it is attributed to the fact that this brewer can prepare more than one particular type of beverage. Yes, you got me right! It does not only make a cup of coffee, it can also make you some tea, chocolate, cappuccino, espresso, latte, and so on. Meaning, you need not bear with one drink over and over again for you can have any beverage you prefer out of the selection.

Many One-Cup Drinks

There is but more! Though it can only make you a cup, it ensures you get to obtain an excellent cup.

And this is guaranteed by special Tassimo discs popularly known as the single use T-discs available in over 50 varieties such as Cafe Hag, Twinings Tea, Maxwell House Coffee, etc. Each disc is embedded with codes meant for precision brewing operation that adheres to specific time, temperature, and water quantity in order for your tassimo brewbot to make that perfect cup all the time.