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Nespresso vs. Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto is the premiere coffee drink manufacturer based in the US The Dolce Gusto coffee pods are made specially for the Dolce Gusto machine. The coffee pods are fitted into the compartment in the Dolce Gusto coffee machine so the coffee can be produced. Dolce Gusto coffee pods are available in a variety of tastes including caffe Americano, iced cappuccino, caffe classic decaff, espresso intense, espresso ristretto, thin cappuccino, skinny latte, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte unsweetened, chococino, mocha, and espresso decaff.

Caffe Americano is ideal for a treat in the afternoon break. It is less bold than Lungo because it is made from light coffee beans roast. Caffe Americano can be served with or without milk. Iced cappuccino pods will produce a refreshing iced coffee with rich creamy milk.

The iced cappuccino pods will cool you down in the hot summer day. When preparing the iced cappuccino, you need to turn the lever next to the red light to cold so that it will act as a chilled pudding.

Caffe classic decaff is made of premium Arabica beans that are roasted to perfection. The coffee beans are decaffeinated so it contain smaller amount of caffeine.

Espresso Intenso offers a rich crema layer which will extend the flavour of your coffee. Espresso ristretto, also called espresso corto is a short espresso coffee. Less water is passed thru the system. The ristrettos are bold and loaded in flavour.

thin cappuccino is a low-fat coffee drink. It contains only 49 calories per cup. It is popular among people who need to stay slim. Standard coffees have fat and will make you put on weight if you continue drinking it. You will not gain weight irrespective of how many cups of thin cappuccino you drink.

thin latte is a rich latte coffee that’s low fat and calories.

Just like thin cappuccino, thin latte has 49 calories per cup.

Dolce Gusto caffee lungo offers a powerful flavour coffee that is made from 100% Arabica ground beans. It has got a layer of crema on top of the coffee. It is available in caffeine and decaffeinated version. The decaffeinated version is suitable for people who want to keep watch of their health .

Green mountain coffee k cups are considered as gourmet quality coffee that is specifically made for brew machines. For more information, you can visit dolce gusto.