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Nespresso Vs Keurig – A Comparative Study

Nestle brings an innovative way of making coffee lat home under its new brand name, Nespresso. Nespresso machines are capable of brewing espresso coffee just like a skilled barista. Keurig Green Mountain Inc. on the other hand had revolutionized the coffee brewing system under their brand name Keurig. Keurig, has come up with its single serve coffee brewing system, K-cup. These two coffee manufacturing brands are revolutionizing the traditional coffee brewing systems at home with their world-class technologies but have their pros and cons which make them unique from one another.

Overview of Nespresso

Nespresso coffee makerNestle brings Nespresso with an aim to provide a genuine experience of brewing espresso at the comforts of your home without negotiating with the taste and aroma of true espresso served at your nearest coffee parlor. Nespresso machines brew the best espresso coffee from its proportioned single use capsule containing ground coffee and flavorings. The Nespresso capsules come in 21 varieties of coffee. These “Grand Cru” capsules are filled with robusta and arabita varieties of smooth and ground coffee. The sealed capsules of Nespresso are made up of aluminum foil. The foil is perforated either into small hole or a single large hole by the Nspresso machine and hot water is pumped into it under high pressure. The foil at the base of these capsules ruptures and the brewed coffee flows out through a funnel-like nozzle into the cup, giving you smooth and aromatic espresso coffee just like coffee parlors. The prices of these capsules are a bit higher than its other variants as this guarantees superior variety of coffee.

Overview of Keurig

keurig coffee makerKeurig, the American coffee manufacture, came up with its revolutionary coffee brewing system with its K-cup. They are offering custom coffee blends, organic coffees, dark roasts, medium roasts, light roast, decaf and flavored varieties in its K-cup. K-cups are like a plastic container equipped with a coffee filter, containing ground coffee beans. The coffee is packed with a combination of foil and plastic lid. Keuric brewer perforates into the foil and the bottom of the K-cup and hot water is pumped into through the K-cup under pressure and the liquid flows out into a mug.

Nespresso vs. Keurig

Both Nespresso and Keurig has transformed and modernized the coffee brewing system at home. But both the products differ from one another making it unique. Let us summarize some vital differences between the coffee brewing systems of both the brands:

  • Nespresso is specially engineered to brew high-quality espresso coffee just like coffee parlors. On the contrary, Keurig’s K-cup offers many varieties but does not specialize in any type of brewed coffee.
  • The Nespresso brewer perforates only the upper foil of the capsule and the coffee flows out through the ruptured foil at the base, which makes the technique easier while the Keurig brewer punctures both the sides of K-cup, one for passing hot water and the other for discharging coffee, making the system a bit difficult to handle.
  • The Nespresso capsule cups can be recycled as they are mainly made from aluminum while recycling Keurig’s K-cup is difficult.

The differences in brewing system of both the brands make it diverse from each other and make the brands unique in its own way.

The kitchen is considered as one of the main areas of a home. This is a fact, an indisputable. This fact is known to everyone. Any home would probably have a kitchen area. A lot of culinary adventures are experienced in the kitchen. Most people who love to be in the kitchen would definitely feel excited with whatever experience that is about to happen.

It is a known fact that the place where food is prepared is the kitchen. Whenever meals are prepared, the kitchen is suddenly filled with life. The cook does a lot of work and would use different kinds of cooking instruments, especially if he cooks for a larger number of persons. The preparation of foods and beverages would entail using cooking tools and equipments. Different companies would produce their very own versions of kitchen tools because of the demand for them. The dispute of Keurig vs Nespresso is an example for this.

In terms of price, keurig products are more expensive than Nespresso products. But this is somewhat justifiable because keurig products offer more special functions than Cuisinart products. Because of the price more regular buyers are encouraged to purchase more Nespressoproducts. Coffee businesses would prefer heavy duty products although these are more expensive. Still, their quality is the same as the brewers used at home. Indeed, good quality coffee is produced using these products.

Now, we shall talk about the characteristics of most Nespresso products. Different servings of coffee can be produced at a time and can be compared with more heavy duty coffee makers.

This is why their products are actually some of the products that sell great in different online stores. Yet, to be considered as one of the best types of coffee makers, it is still necessary to have improvements. When it comes to the quality of Nespresso products, it is indeed high. Compared with far more expensive coffeemakers, these products are considered to be good options.

The quality as well as the performance of these products is not determined by their price. Some products may become expensive because of the name of the brand that they are associated with. You just have to make sure that the performance is equivalent with what you are paying for. Or else, you will end up regretting purchasing this machine.