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Nespresso pods – the pioneer of high-end coffee

Nespresso-pods-for-lessCoffee capsules or pods are hardly a new concept today. There are a number of other coffee brands coming up with such pods. But, if we look back, we will find Nestle as the pioneer who revolutionized the concept of coffee in single serve capsules. For the coffee drinkers around the world, looking for premium coffee, the Nespresso pods have been a constant source of joy. These pods contain ground coffee, fit for one serve. The coffee is sourced from the best coffee growing regions in the world – and is hence of the top flavour.

Premium coffee beans and flavours
The introduction of these coffee pods in the market, changed the entire scenario of coffee drinking. Along with the pods, fancy coffee machines were introduced too, where these pods could be used well. Another proof of its premiumness was the matter of it not being easily available. You cannot possibly find these Nespresso pods in your local store or supermarket. Nestle has kept this prime category product limited to its coffee boutiques and online store. This helps the company to keep the high quality of this particular product range consistent. As far as flavours are concerned, these Nespresso coffee pods are available in varieties. These include the Pure Origin range, the Espresso range, the Lungo range, the Variations range and the Limited Edition range. In terms of a broader cateogry, there are mild, strong and decaf. The coffee beans come from a single place of origin, and hence have a distinct flavour. The places where the coffee beans are sourced from are Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatmela, Columbia, Mexico, Ethiopia, India and Kenya. This helps bring varied flavours the coffee in the pods. This is exactly what has differentiated Nespresso from other coffees.

Expensive yet popular
These coffee pods by Nespresso are single serve – that is you can make one serving of coffee with it. If you compare the prices charged by other coffee for the same amount of serving, you will find that the Nespresso ones are at last three times costlier. And yet, the demand for these coffee pods are high as ever. This is particularly because of the high quality assurance of the brand. As stated once before, this kind of ground coffee is basically a high end one – and the people opting for them are the ones living the luxury lifestyle. The coffee used here is sourced from the best areas, all over the world, which further escalates the pricing of the product. This is yet another reason for not selling it in stores and supermarkets. A product as premium as this one, requires proper platform and attention.

The source of pure coffee
These coffee pods from Nespresso are a delight to the hardcore caffeine lover. The coffee used here is as pure as coffee can get. It has an amazing crema and no additives at all. Needless to say, these particular coffee pods from Nespresso feature among one of the highest quality coffees around the world.

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